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How to Set up shipping with Importify?

When you use Importify to sell products, the product is delivered from a supplier directly to your customer. Since the Importify app does not automatically import the supplier's shipping methods to your product page, you need to set up your shipping rates. In this guide, we will show a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Shopify Shipping Rates with Importify.

To set up shipping options for your customers, you need to choose a shipping strategy, review the available methods and set up Shopify's shipping settings.

Choose your shipping method

Before you set up your shipping rates in Shopify, you need to choose your shipping method. The two most common shipping strategies are: 

  • Free shipping - One of the top reasons customers abandon their carts is unexpected shipping costs, instead you can add the shipping price to your retail product price and offer free shipping. 

  • Charge for the product and separately for the shipping

Find the supplier product shipping costs

When you purchase a product, the supplier charges for shipping as well. The shipping rates are calculated based on the destination country, product weight, and method of delivery.

On the supplier product page, you will find shipping methods for delivery. It includes details like cost and estimated time of arrival.

For example, this is how you can find the shipping methods/costs for Aliexpress products:

  • Visit the Importify admin dashboard, click Import List. 

  • Find the product you want to check the shipping methods and costs. 

  • Click the product title, this action will redirect you to the Aliexpress page

  • On the AliExpress product page, click the shipping method below the variants and select a country from the dropdown to display the shipping cost for this destination.


Create your own Shipping rates

When you import a new product to your Shopify store, it’s added to the General shipping rates profile by default.

If you want custom shipping rates for different products, you will need to create Custom shipping profiles.

Click here to learn more about shipping profiles

Create Shipping Zones and Shipping rates

Each shipping profile must have its own shipping zone and shipping rate.

You can create multiple shipping zones and customize these to the countries in which you will be selling your product. For example, you may want to charge $5.00 USD to the USA, $10.00 USD to Australia, and Free Shipping to Canada.

To create a new Profile with Multiple shipping zones Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard and go to Settings -> Shipping and delivery


  • In the Custom Shipping rates section, click Create a new profile, and name your new shipping profile.

  • Below, click Add products. And list all the products that you want to add to this shipping profile. Click Save.

  • Select Shipping from location or add a new one, and In the Shipping to section, click Create shipping zone, and in the Zone Name field, enter a name to your new shipping zone.

  • Select the countries you want to add to this shipping zone. if you wish to add all countries, select the Rest of the world, and Click Done.


  • Scroll down and click Add rate, and keep the Set up your own rates option is selected.

  • Enter the Rate name field that your customers will see at checkout, and enter the shipping cost you want to charge your customers in the price field. 

How to test your new shipping rates?

To check your shipping rates, follow these steps:

1) Visit your store as a customer.

2) Find an item or items you'd like to check and add them to your cart.

3) The shipping options/cost will be displayed on the checkout page.

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