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How to fulfill Banggood orders?

Follow these steps to fulfill an order on importify

  1. Login to your Importify dashboard

  2. Click the "order list" from the side bar (available only for Gold users)

  3. Find the order you would like to fulfill, and click the order button. Note: we are not the Vendors/suppliers and we do not offer fully automate service, the order process need to be done from the Wholesale/supplier page. We do offer semi automatic service for Dhgate, Aliexpress & Amazon. (rest of the sites we offer only import service)

What Does Semi-Automatic means?

After a customer place an order in your shop, this order will be listed in the Importify dashboard. (only unfulfilled orders will get listed) 
 By Clicking the "Order" button,  you will have the Importify extension automatically pick the variants & pre-populate the customer address details on the Supplier checkout page. The payment process needs to be done by you & with your credit card.  Watch the video below as we show how to fulfil an order using Importify.

Watch this video on how to auto fulfill Banggood orders:

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