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How to register and Install the Importify app on Woocommerce?

To register and install the Importify app on your WordPress Woocommerce store follow the steps below:

  1. Before installing Importify to your WordPress store, check the minimum requirements:

    • The WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress website.

    • Set WordPress permalinks to anything other than "plain"; you can find it in "Settings" -> "Permalinks"

    • Your website must have an SSL certificate installed (secure connection)

  2. Install and activate the Importify for Woocommerce plugin

    The plugin can be downloaded directly from the WordPress marketplace

    Alternatively, you could log in to the WordPress admin dashboard, click "plugins" from the menu, click "add new plugin", and search for the Importify plugin. 


2. Click the importify app from the side menu, and click "go to dashboard"


  1. Subscribe to Importify: From your Wordpress side menu click the Importify app and enter the Importify dashboard,, choose a subscription plan that suits your business needs, and subscribe

  2. Install the Importify extension

  3. Add products to your store

  • Import products: Browse through your chosen supplier's website, and when you find a product you wish to sell, use the Importify browser extension to import it directly to your store. The extension allows you to edit product details before importing, including titles, descriptions, and prices.

6. Watch the video below

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