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How to import products from Shopify to Wix store?

Import from Shopify to Wix

Currently, this option is available with the Importify Firefox extension or Importify Edge extension.

Download and install firefox or Edge browser (make sure to use the latest version)

After installing the extension follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Shopify store you wish to import products from and visit the product page you would like to import

  2. Click the “ADD” button on the top left of your browser and edit the product information, such as the title/description/price/ etc...

  3. Click "add product" to import the item to your store


  • if you wish to dropship from another Shopify store, Contact the store owner directly and ask their permission before you take any action.

  • There are some stores that block the ability to import from their store, so this feature may not work all the time.

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