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How to fulfill orders using importify?

After you get an order on your Shopify store, you need to fulfill the order.

Purchase the product from the supplier and send it directly to your customer address or your warehouse. 

You can fulfill your orders manually, or you can use Semi-automatic order fulfillment.

What is Semi-automatic order fulfillment?

Semi-automatic fulfillment allows you to automatically pre-populate the customer addresses on the checkout page. The rest of the fulfillment process (paying for the product) needs to be done manually by the merchant.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available only for Importify Gold subscribers.

On which websites can I use this feature?

As mentioned on our pricing page, the semi-automatic order fulfillment is supported only with Aliexpress, Amazon, and Dhgate.

For the rest of the websites, we offer only the import functionality, and the fulfillment needs to be handled by the merchant. 

Learn Step-by-step how to use the semi-automatic order fulfillment

  1. Login to your Importify dashboard

  2. Click the “order list” from the sidebar 

  3. Find the order you would like to fulfill, and click the order button. 

Important: we are not the Vendors/Suppliers, and we do not own any warehouses or hold any inventory, the order process need to be done directly from the supplier page. 


Check below how to fulfill an order on AliExpress. 

A similar process works with Amazon and Dhgate.

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