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Get started with Importify

Follow the steps below to learn how to import products into your Shopify store:

Method 1 - Using the Importify Chrome Extension

  1. Install the Importify Chrome Extension

  2. Visit the AliExpress website.

  3. Find a product you would like to import and visit the product page.

  4. Click the “ADD” button on the top left of your browser (screenshot below)

  5. Edit the product information, and click "add product" to import the item to your store.


Method 2 - Using the Importer Page

  • Click here to visit the Importer page

  • Visit the website

  • Find the product you want to import and copy the product URL.

  • Paste the product URL into the blank URL field and click the "load product" link

  • Edit the product information, and click "add product" to import the item to your store.


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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Subscribe to one of our plans to start the free trial. 

Removing the app before the trial period ends will be no charges.

I'm not able to import products; what should i do?

If you have issues with importing products, read this guide 

Note: The Importify basic plan does not include access to Amazon.

To import from Amazon, subscribe to the Importify Premium or above.

Are we allowed to sell branded products?

Absolutely not; we do not recommend selling brand products in your store unless you have a license and permission to sell this brand. We give you the ability to import products to your online store. But, It is your responsibility to ensure you're not violating copyright and trademark laws.

What should I consider when sourcing products from various websites through your platform?

Our platform allows users to import products from multiple websites, but it is crucial to know that not all these sites are wholesale drop shippers. Some sources offer dropshipping programs or services, while others do not. Additionally, website policies may change frequently, so it's important to regularly review the policies of each platform you plan to source products. By staying informed and adhering to their terms of service, you can help ensure compliance and minimize potential legal risks. Please note that using our platform does not exempt you from your responsibility to comply with the policies of the websites you source products from, and we cannot be held liable for any violations or disputes that may arise from your use of these platforms.

How to Join the Importify Affiliate Program?

To join the Importify affiliate program, click here

How to become an approved Importify dropshipping vendor? 

Being listed as one of our verified suppliers will increase your brand exposure with a new traffic source. Our customers can use your shop as their main dropshipping source. 

If you are interested in joining as a vendor, please click here to contact us

Important: We do our best to include only trusted wholesale websites:
As with all suppliers, always do your own due diligence before working with any company/supplier and purchasing any inventory. We cannot and do not guarantee the legitimacy or authenticity of any supplier listed on Importify.

Disclaimer: This page contains general information about legal matters intended for educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal advice, as the writer is not a lawyer. If in doubt, you should always contact a lawyer.

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