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How to Retrieve and Update Supplier Tracking IDs in Shopify/Wix?

Obtaining the Tracking ID from the Supplier

After you have placed an order with a supplier, the next step is to obtain the tracking ID for the shipment. This is essential for keeping your customer updated on the status of their order. Here's how to do this:

  1. Log into the Supplier’s Website:

    • Visit the supplier’s website (for ex. Aliexpress) where you placed the order.

    • Log into your account which you used for making the purchase.

  2. Access Order Details:

    • Navigate to the section where your orders are listed. This is often labeled as 'Orders', 'My Orders', 'Purchases', or something similar.

    • Find the specific order you have fulfilled and want to track.

  3. Locate the Tracking Information:

    • Within the order details, look for the shipment or tracking information.

    • The tracking ID should be provided once the order has been dispatched or is ready for shipping.

    • Note this tracking ID as it will be needed to update your Shopify store.

Updating Tracking Information in Shopify

Once you have obtained the tracking ID from your supplier, the next step is to update this information in Shopify. This allows your customer to track their order's shipping status. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Your Shopify Admin:

    • Access your Shopify admin dashboard by logging in.

  2. Access Orders:

    • Navigate to the "Orders" section.

  3. Select the Fulfilled Order:

    • Click on the order number for which you want to add the tracking information.

  4. Add Tracking Details:

    • In the Fulfilled section of the order details, click on "Add tracking".

    • In the Edit tracking dialog box, enter the shipment's tracking number.

  5. Send or Skip Notification Email:

    • If you want to send a shipping update to your customer, keep the option "Send notification email to customer" checked. Uncheck it if you do not wish to send an update.

    • Click "Save" to update the order information.

By following these steps, you ensure that your customers are promptly informed about their order's shipping progress, enhancing their shopping experience with your store​​.

Updating Tracking Information in Wix

  1. Access the Orders Tab:

    • Go to the 'Orders' tab in your site's dashboard on Wix.

  2. Select the Order:

    • Click on the relevant order that you wish to update.

  3. Enter Tracking Information:

    • Click 'Add Tracking No.' and enter the tracking number.

    • Select the shipping carrier from the drop-down menu. If your carrier isn't listed, you can add a new carrier.

    • Optionally, you can check the box to send a shipping confirmation email to your customer, which will include the tracking number.

    • Click 'Apply' to save the updates​​.

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