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How to fulfill orders manually?

After you get an order on your Shopify store, you need to fulfill the order. Purchase the product from the supplier and send it directly to your customer address or to your warehouse. 

You can use the semi-automatic order fulfillment (gold plan) or you can fulfill your orders manually.

Follow the steps below to fulfill the orders manually:

  1. Visit your Shopify admin dashboard and visit the orders page.

  2. Find the order number that you wish to fulfill


3.  Visit the importify dashboard and navigate to "Order list" from the side menu.

4.  Paste the order id in the search field and click the search button. 

5.  After you found the order that you wish to fulfill, click the product title, this will open the product on the supplier's website.


6 Order the product (make sure you pick the same variants your customer ordered)

Pay with your credit card and send it to your customer address, or to the 3rd party warehouse that you work with. 

7. After fulfilling the order, go back to the order details page in Shopify and click on "mark as fulfilled".

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